Accompanying Investors

Standfor’s offers to support international investors attracted by opportunities in Tunisia to ensure compliance with local regulations. Our support guarantees the optimization and security of your development projects in Tunisia.
You are thus confronted with the language barrier, relations with a foreign administration, new and complex regulatory context, choice of status, recruitment practices…
If you plan to set up in Tunisia (acquisition of a legal entity, creation of a branch or a subsidiary), our assistance may include:

  • Domiciliation : we search according to your location the place of your eventual domicile.
  • Assistance in social matters : Completion of registration procedures of your structure, payroll preparation, preparation and payment of your social statements.
  • Assistance in tax matters : we ensure the registration requirements of your entity with the financial administration and all reporting formalities in tax matters. We provide you with regular assistance in the area of direct and indirect taxation.
  • Accountancy support : we provide accounting services or only audit mission so that you are able to present financial statements in accordance with the accounting regulations.
  •  Reporting : We prepare your financial reporting while ensuring the transition from the Tunisian standard to IFRS.
  • Assistance in your cross-border transactions.