Audit comptable

For most of our major clients both Tunisian and foreign, Standfor’s provides legal or contractual audit assignments.
Auditing contributes to account transparency and to companies’ credibility and sustainability. Auditing constitutes a key component for building trust with third parties, managers, investors and shareholders, it also ensures the continued good reputation of your company.
We offer a line of legal and contractual audit services tailored to your needs

  • Statutory audit and auditors :  The function of a statutory audit is to certify the compliance and fairness of companies’ accounts and to ensure that the published financial information is reliable.
  • Acquisition Audit : This type of audit validates the company’s financial, legal and fiscal information, as well as its business plan and contracts. This audit is conducted on behalf of companies, or capital investors wishing to acquire holdings.
  • Contributions and mergers auditing : based on a deep knowledge of the specificities inherent in certain business sectors, and more generally issues related to business valuation and accounting standards.
  • Other missions :  We offer certain services other than the certification of the financial statements, including the audit of financial information, of the consolidated financial statements, the certificates (use of external credit lines, capital structures, etc.), and the findings following agreed procedures, the services rendered during acquisition or disposal.