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Start your startup in Tunisia

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As part of the “Digital Tunisia” strategy, Tunisia plans to become the hub for startups in the southern Mediterranean region, the Arab world and the African continent by adopting the Startup-Act. This revolutionary law will allow startupers to benefit from a panoply of advantages and incentives.

Our firm brings support during all phases of the preparation of your application (registration via the startup portal, online application form, related legal documents …) until you obtain the Startup label. This label is granted to any company under Tunisian law which respects the criteria of labeling. It is the keystone to access the Startup-Act universe.


The Startup Label entitles you to a series of benefits and incentives structured into 3 key sets:

  • The Startup Grant:

It is an allowance given to the co-founder and shareholder of a launching Startup to cover living expenses for one (01) year. Its amount is indexed to the previous remuneration for the last 12 months for an employee and takes the form of a fixed allowance for the self-employed. The maximum amount of the grant is 5 kDT net / month and the minimum amount is 1 kDT net / month.

  • Licences :

Support by the State of the procedures and costs of registering Startup patents at national and international level.

  • Leave for Creation of Startup:

It is a leave of one (01) year renewable once (01) once granted to the co-founder of a Startup so that he dedicates himself full-time to the launch and development of his Startup. The employer, public or private, cannot oppose the departure of the beneficiary of the Leave (except in the case of a private employer employing less than 100 employees). The beneficiary of this leave may end it at any time and return to their original job subject to notice.


  • The CIVP and employment programs:

Any young graduate eligible for employment programs including the CIVP which creates its Startup and joins a Startup as an employee can keep this advantage and take advantage of it at the end of its relationship with the said Startup and this within three ( 03) years.

  • The Good Failure:

The Startup Act encourages good failure by promoting the amicable liquidation of Startups through the combination of measures such as the Guarantee Fund for Startups, exemption from Corporate Tax and State support for salary costs and employers.

  • The Startups Portal:

Thought to be the point of interaction for the Startup in order to apply for the Startup Label and benefit from the associated advantages. The Portal will evolve to integrate other functionalities to facilitate the administrative operations of Startups.

  • Social salary and employer charges:

Startups benefit from the state taking charge of social salary and employer charges.

  • The Special Currency Account:

Any Startup has the right to open a special account in foreign currency which it can freely contribute with capital contributions, quasi-capital, turnover and dividends in foreign currency. The Startup invests, freely and without authorization, the assets of this account to acquire material or immaterial goods, to create subsidiaries abroad and to take participations in companies abroad.

  • Corporate tax:

Startups are exempt from corporate tax.

  • The Technological Card:

The limit of the Technology Card is raised to 100 kDT / year for Startups.

  • The Authorized Economic Operator:

Startups are considered Authorized Economic Operators within the meaning of the Customs Code.

  • Homologation:

Startups are exempt from the approval and technical control procedures of CERT (Center for Studies and Research in Telecommunications) on import.


  • Tax relief:

The amounts invested by natural or legal persons in Startups or in regulated investment organizations dedicated to Startups are fully deductible from the tax base.

  • The exemption from capital gains tax:

Profits from the sale of securities relating to interests in Startups are exempt from capital gains tax.

  • Contributions in kind:

In the case of a contribution in kind, the shareholders of a Startup are entitled to choose the contribution auditor in order to assess said contribution.

  • The Startups Guarantee Fund:

It is a mechanism for guaranteeing the interests of investment funds and other regulated investment organizations in Startups. This attractive mechanism can only be activated in the event of the amicable liquidation of the Startup subject to the guarantee.

  • Financial instruments:

Startups legally empowered to issue bonds convertible into shares are authorized to proceed with several issues of bonds convertible into shares, regardless of the option periods for conversion.